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This post covers the subject of business workplace house in India and why businesses opt to lease workplace house than owning a chunk of business real estate.

Businesses use land as a part of business operations at the side of hands, machinery, and alternative resources to provide desired output. although the first business of those firms isn’t land investment, they need to create many choices relating to the employment of land as a result of land is often associate integral a part of the firm’s operations. as an example, land is employed for workplace house, warehouse, producing, retail, and so on. overwhelming majority of land employed by business corporations is chartered and not closely-held as a result of following reasons:
Space needs are but the number of house that they’d got to purchase so as to satisfy their wants in an exceedingly desired location. though they lease the remaining house to alternative business corporations, still leasing would be most well-liked than owning in the main as a result of
Large capital to buy the specified house
A purchase would place the house in land business which might deduct the main focus from firm’s core activities.
Even if house manages to occupy all the house that’s accessible with the acquisition, the firm can still choose to lease
Owning would scale back operational flexibility: if the house wishes to maneuver its operations from the purchased location, then house merchandising or leasing to alternative corporations can constrain the movement or slow it down. Instead, had the firm chartered the house then they will move while not having to fret for land house.
If the house is closely-held, then it should be maintained, operated. These activities might end in loss of focus of the firm from their core activities. operational and managing properties is sometimes done additional cheaply by corporations that specialist in the important estate operations.
Flexibility of cutting down the business. which means if a firm decides to scale down its operations then the firm will eff simply if the house has been chartered than closely-held. Scale down suggests that use of less house.
Real estate business activities ought to be performed by professionals trained in land business. a number of the subsequent activities are:
Selecting the correct tract of land and developing the correct quantity of house
Leasing that house to several totally different tenants, as an example, builders develop workplace house in Gurgaon and lease it to totally tenants with different workplace house sizes.
Hiring personnel, collection rents, and maintain the ability
Finding finance for the investment or development
Doing continuous analysis concerning land markets so as to make your mind up once to sell, raise or lower rents, renovate and then on.

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